Gone are the days where having an understanding of computing basics was considered resume worthy in the tech field. The former domain of the technically-minded is now expected of most employees in almost any work environment. To stay competitive as a tech job candidate, you need to bring more (a lot more) to the table.

While the tech industry seems always to be changing, certain developments are here for the foreseeable future. Mastering these skills, or at least having a fundamental understanding, can move you from the discard pile to a position as a top candidate. If you want to open as many doors as possible, make sure you have the in-demand skills of today.


5 Skills You Need Today as a Tech Job Candidate


1. Social Media

Organizations realize the power of social media, and they need employees that can manage their accounts. This includes gathering pertinent data, performing customer service operations, and releasing various communications. Skills in the areas of online customer engagement are combined with reputation management techniques to help the organization present the best image while supporting customer needs.

2. Big Data Management and Analysis

The prevalence of unstructured and semi-structured data and the importance of the information it can provide has thrust big data upon the tech landscape. Social media concerns need to be combined with traditional data collection points, like customer sales records or individual purchase histories. And that information must be cross-referenced to market surveys and insights on consumers’ current preferences and attitudes.

Organizations want to pull valuable information from the throngs of data, even when the information is held in multiple formats. Technological advances have made it possible to analyze this data and create valuable outputs. Those who understand this technology have a confirmed place in the business world of today.

Being able to analyze big data isn’t the only priority in data management. Knowledge in key areas of data warehousing is also critical. This can include an understanding of various systems, such as Apache Spark, Cassandra, or Hive, as well as skills in query development.

3. Information Security

Cyber security is an ever-present concern in today’s workplace. Most organizations have something at risk of damage, loss, or theft, and they will pay a premium to protect it. As more platforms enter the workplace, security concerns only grow. Being able to secure mobile apps and devices, cloud-based computing environments, and standard corporate networks and databases are all sought after skills in the current job market

4. Mobile App Development

The smartphone has become a staple in many households and workplaces. This has increased the demand for apps on both the consumer and business side of many organizations. Being able to create effective customized solutions has a wide appeal to potential employers. If you are comfortable developing for iOS, Android, or both, you can leverage those skills into secure employment.

5. Cloud Computing Development and Administration

Two main factors have pushed cloud computing into the limelight – infrastructure is expensive and employees are going mobile. Organizations are seeing the value in limiting the amount of physical hardware they must maintain, especially when access to critical resources can be provided through a web portal. This internet-based access supports the droves of employees interested in alternative worksites and who need the ability to conduct business from any place at any time.

To support those missions, companies need competent cloud developers and administrators. These positions help an organization position itself properly by modernizing the idea of the standard office environment. Experience with solutions like Microsoft Azure can help provide you a leg-up against the competition.

Tech Professionals are In-Demand

The current job market has positions for a broad range of tech professionals. If you are looking for your next position in the field, Validity Solutions may have the answer. Contact Validity Solutions today!






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