Unemployment among IT professionals remains under 3 percent, even as national unemployment hovers closer to 5 percent. This means businesses are having to compete for the tech talent they need to maintain their operations. As competition builds, salaries tend to increase. While the majority of IT workers can reap some benefits from the current job market, certain careers are particularly lucrative as we approach 2017.

If you are looking for an IT career that is currently in high demand, here are some of the higher paying options to pursue in 2017.

Lucrative IT Careers to Pursue in 2017


Data Scientist

Big data analytics have functionally created a new career field: the data scientist. Those working in the field of data science often must combine informational sources, including unstructured and semi- structured data, to create a cohesive picture regarding specific operations or metrics. Information provided by data scientists can impact operations throughout the business including marketing efforts, customer retention strategies, product development and more.

Since few professionals are working in this fledgling field, and the educational requirements can be high, demand for those who possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to excel in the field will find themselves well positioned for new opportunities and career advancement.

Software Engineer

Working as a software engineer will continue to be a lucrative career path in 2017. Technical advancements often center on the programming required to create and operate new solutions or improve on current offerings. Having knowledge of coding languages, web development, application design and user interfaces leads to new opportunities, especially as the available IT workforce continues to shrink.

Project Manager

Combining the skills of a project manager with an understanding of technical operations allows you to provide a significant amount of value to organizations in any industry. Attention to detail, communication skills, the ability to organize multiple departments and negotiating skills all play a part in the role, and that is a skill set not everyone possesses.

IT Consultant

IT consultants are often as well rounded as project managers, though they focus more of their knowledge on how different technical solutions can improve a business’ operations. A broad understanding of hardware, software, networking and other operational components is required, as well as the ability to communicate these ideas to those who may not have a background in IT. This is another position that can find opportunities in any industry, as they are often called upon to assist businesses that do not have strong IT departments at their disposal.

Software Developer

While software developers often share skill sets with software engineers, their focus tends to be on the user experience. They craft solutions that allow users to accomplish specific tasks, making them vital to the operations of a wide range of organizations. The work of a software developer often requires frequent interactions with users and vendors, requiring them to be able to communicate complex information to those less familiar with the terminology as well as taking user requests and determining the technical requirements of the project.

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