Whether you’ve been away from the job market for a while or your current resume isn’t landing you the opportunities you are aiming for, it could be time to breathe new life into your resume. Sending an outdated resume isn’t likely to land your ideal position, so if you haven’t updated the formatting since “objective statements” were all the rage, here’s how to revamp your resume so you can land your IT dream job.

Create a Summary That Sells

A summary is the new introduction de jour for resumes, giving hiring managers a quick overview of your greatest accomplishments and most impressive qualifications. Think of it as a professional highlight reel; you want to get to the good stuff quickly and clearly.

But now isn’t the time to list just any skill or experience. Instead, shine a light on your most noteworthy assets and achievements that are directly applicable to the job you are hoping to get, giving you the best chance of catching the hiring manager’s attention right off the bat.

You can use a combination approach and include a starting statement covering achievements with a bulleted list that includes skills key to the position. Not only does this create visual interest that guides the reader’s eye, it also ensures you cover the main points listed in the job posting quickly and efficiently.

Focus on Results

While resumes of yesteryear featured lists of job duties, today’s most enticing versions take a different path. Hiring managers are interested in seeing results, so write about activities that improved the bottom line at your previous employers.

Often, you’ll want to rely on metrics when adding this information. Quantify the increase in revenue or the percentage of cost savings your work achieved. Discuss the size of your biggest IT project budget and the number of people supervised. In comparison to the written word, numbers seem to jump off the page, so make sure your results are measurable and spoken of accordingly.

Use Keywords Wisely

If you are responding to a job ad, there are likely some specific skills and qualifications listed. For each of them, you possess, make sure to address them using the same keywords displayed in the vacancy announcement. This ensures you have the right verbiage to make it past automated applicant screening technologies, giving your resume a better chance of being viewed by a person.

However, make sure they flow naturally with the rest of the content. Otherwise, when a hiring manager does review it, your application may land in the discard pile.

Eliminate “Fluff”

After you think the content of your resume is handled, go back with a proverbial red pen and slash anything superfluous. Make sure there isn’t any visual clutter or irrelevant details that may distract the hiring manager from what you have to offer. Every word of your resume should serve a purpose. So, if anything doesn’t help move you forward as a contender, consider cutting it.

Work With a Top IT Recruiter

If you are interested in more resume tips or would like assistance finding your IT dream job, the professional recruiters at Validity Solutions can help. Contact us to discuss your career goals today and see how our services can work for you.

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