In a recent survey, IT developers clearly stated what they want from their employers: the ability to work remotely. While the option for non-traditional work arrangements has been especially popular in the tech fields, it isn’t as widely embraced as some would like it to be.

Normal offices can be surprisingly unproductive places and aren’t always conducive to the detail-oriented, heads down type work on which many developers spend their days. Therefore, by letting them work remotely, not only do your IT employees get to work from a more comfortable environment, but they can also be more productive.

Here are just a few of the ways allowing your professional developers to telecommute can support your workplace culture and change things for the better.

High Morale

Having the option to work remotely has a significant impact on morale. These workers don’t have to manage strenuous commutes, can more easily manage their personal lives, get to work in an environment that is comfortable to them, and often suffer from fewer distractions than when in the office. This means they can accomplish more across the board, both in their professional and personal lives.

As a result of the benefits listed above, remote employees also report having more job satisfaction than their peers working in the office. It is also easier for them to complete complex tasks that may otherwise be hindered by the interruptions common within a traditional workplace, which also improves morale.

Improved Collaboration

Most managers assume that having everyone working in the same space results in higher levels of communication. In fact, the opposite can often be true. Employees working remotely are often quite open to helping their co-workers when the need arises, possibly even more so than if they were sitting only a desk away.

While the precise reasons aren’t clear, some believe the increase in collaboration is a result of telecommuters wanting to show they are a strong part of the team and that they are diligently working. It could also arise from being able to complete work tasks more efficiently, as remote locations often have fewer interruptions, providing them with the time to jump in when a colleague reaches out.

Easier Recruiting and Retention

Since flexible work arrangements are valuable to the majority of developers, offering the opportunity to telecommute can make recruiting easier while improving retention rates. Employees who work remotely often feel more trusted by the organization for which they work, which creates a more positive culture. They also don’t have to manage commutes and experience a better work/life balance. These benefits are highly attractive to professionals working in the field, making it easier to maintain a strong workforce over time.

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