Now that you have your IT degree, you’re ready to hit the job market and find a great position. But figuring out how to make your education work for you isn’t always easy, especially if there are a sea of other graduates competing for entry-level positions. Luckily, there are ways to make the most out of your IT degree during your job search. Here’s what you need to do.

Update Your Resume

Not only do you need to add your degree to your resume, but you also might need to rearrange the content to highlight your recent accomplishment. Most people list their past employment experience before their education; however, many recent college graduates are better served by reversing that order. If you graduated with honors or had an especially high GPA, feel free to include those details. Otherwise, just add the basic information.

You’ll also want to update your headline and summary to reflect your new qualifications. Often, these should be adjusted to address the specifics of the jobs to which you apply, but understanding updates are required is important.

Highlight Relevant Skills and Competencies

When you apply for a position, make sure you speak to the required and preferred qualifications. Some college graduates don’t realize experience gained in individual classes can be included separately, allowing you to meet more skill requirements.

For example, if you learned specific programming languages while pursuing your education, each of those can be listed as a separate skill. This approach makes you look more capable and allows you to introduce yourself more favorably to the hiring manager.

This also allows you to better assess what aspects of your degree apply to a wider variety of jobs. By plucking out the unique skills you’ve acquired, it’s easier to determine whether your educational background is strong enough to meet the noted qualifications.

Prepare Yourself for the Working World

In some ways, being a college student taught you valuable skills about how to exist in the working world. For example, you were required to be in certain places at specific times and accomplish work based on a set schedule.

However, starting your first job will also be vastly different from your school experience. You’ll need to meet different standards, like dress codes and behavioral requirements, that aren’t often addressed while you’re in college. And being punctual and meeting performance standards may actually carry more weight once you start working.

Completing a degree demonstrates you have a level of dedication and responsibility that employers will find attractive, so don’t discount these points when searching for a new position.

Work With a Top IT Recruiter

If you are a recent college graduate and would like assistance during your first job search, the professionals at Validity Solutions can help. Contact us to schedule some time with one of our recruitment specialists and see how our services can ensure you make the most out of your IT degree.

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