Function as a Service (FaaS), or serverless computing, is changing the IT world, removing the burden of server management from developers and increasing workplace agility. This makes it an ideal solution for many businesses while changing how developers need to work on a daily basis.

As technology continues to support FaaS and the cloud-oriented business supporting these systems, you may be wondering if you should target your skills to work with FaaS architecture. Here are just a few reasons why specializing in FaaS might be the right move.

Concentrate on Code

Developers working in FaaS environments have the opportunity to concentrate on producing code instead of managing the server that will ultimately house the function. This means you can advance business goals more quickly as you don’t have to divide your time as you would while operating servers in-house.

By specializing in FaaS, you can focus on the skills that truly drive your career.

Businesses Are Making the Move

Many companies have embraced cloud computing, putting more of their infrastructure needs in the hands of service providers instead of managing the required equipment and maintenance internally. Not only does this lower the cost of doing business, it also allows them to concentrate their IT hiring on professionals that will further business objectives instead of just keeping the equipment running.

The service provider takes on the task of managing the compute stack whether the code is located and from which it runs. Developers create code that is triggered by a specific action or event, and the service provider ensures it is executed properly. also offer any additional resources, such as storage, to keep the function running. That means even less infrastructure falls on the business.

Since the construct supports the direction many companies are moving, it is likely FaaS architecture will play a strong role in these goals.

Companies Need Experts

FaaS, while similar to other cloud computing operations, is fundamentally different. Not every application can be split into individual functions, and some require significant data transfers to complete, making them less conducive to an FaaS architecture.

Businesses are going to rely on FaaS experts to understand which functions can be packaged in a serverless architecture and which need to be managed using other methods. Additionally, if FaaS models are the goal, it will take highly skilled IT professionals to break down larger applications into smaller function-oriented elements. There will also be issues related to the long-term support of current functions along with the creation of new ones.

Specializing in FaaS gives you an opportunity to take advantage of the changing IT landscape, promoting agility in the business while being able to concentrate on the programming skills that serve as a foundation for your career while limiting your time spent on tasks like server management and maintenance.

Work With a Top IT Recruiter

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