When it comes to BPO, many companies wonder if their business is the “right size” to enjoy the benefits of these services. Smaller businesses may question whether they can justify the investment while large organizations may think the size of their staff means outsourcing shouldn’t be examined. However, companies of all sizes can benefit from BPO when it is used wisely. To help you see what it has to offer, here is an overview of BPO services and how they can help small and large businesses alike.

The Benefits of BPO

Outsourcing certain services has clear advantages for most businesses, especially in the context of IT. First, it can significantly lower your operating costs through increased efficiency and the maximization of vital resources. Second, it saves time when compared to researching, selecting, implementing and maintaining solutions you acquire on your own. Finally, it alleviates a significant burden on your staff, allowing them to direct their energies toward more profitable endeavors.

When looked at together, these can all help your bottom line, allowing you to pass savings onto your customers or reinvest in the business to help it grow.

What Smaller Businesses Gain From BPO

A small business has a lot of gain from outsourcing. The approach allows you and your employees to focus on tasks that truly require your attention while basic, repetitive work is managed elsewhere. For example, you can have someone else coordinate appointments and manage your calendar, allowing you to concentrate on presentations and acquire new business. Payroll functions can be outsourced to dedicated personnel who focus in the corporate finance area, ensuring your workers get paid in a timely manner but removing the duties from your hands.

BPO gives small businesses a chance to concentrate on core activities while guaranteeing every task is completed in a timely and professional matter. Essentially, you gain access to qualified professionals without having to bring one onto payroll for every specialty.

What Large Offices Get From BPO

Larger organizations often figure that having a higher number of employees means they should handle everything in-house. However, not every activity that must be managed provides the same level of value to your company, and that means you might not be using your resources based on obtaining your greatest value.

For example, if all your IT professionals provide technical support to your internal staff, you could be overpaying for Tier 1 support. This occurs when a member of your tech team must break away from higher-level duties to answer basic questions from your other employees. Do you really want someone making the equivalent of $40+/hour taking time away from their core duties to restore another worker’s accidentally deleted document? If you don’t have separate Tier 1 support, that scenario may happen more often than you like.

Outsourcing certain functions allow your professional staff members to focus on value-adding tasks appropriate for their level of expertise and eliminates the burden of unnecessary interruptions or tedious tasks.

Partner with Validity Solutions for Your Business Process Needs

If you want to learn more about how BPO can help your business, the professionals at Validity Solutions can create custom options based on your needs. Contact us today to see how our services can benefit your company.

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