Whether you are looking to take your first steps toward finding a new job or want to kick your current tech career into high gear, certain skills are helping those working in the IT field make more money in 2017. If you are interested in deciding which specialty area to choose so you can land a higher salary, here are some that are worth the investment today.

Cloud and Distributed Computing

The cloud remains a critical part of today’s workplace infrastructure. Tech employees working in the field need specific skills to tie cloud and distributing computing together, including experience in SQL databases, and programming languages like JavaScript, Python and Ruby. The ability to use DevOps is also helpful, along with experience in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


Cybersecurity is a specialty that will remain in demand for the long term. Most businesses have data that needs to be secured and are concerned about the risk of data breaches. Skills in a range of areas including programming and software development can assist on security projects, especially on the application end, while knowledge of firewalls, networks, operating systems and security software help create a well-rounded professional resume.

Data Science

While data science has been on the radar for a few years, there still aren’t enough professionals working in the field to meet demand. Additionally, advances in correlating technologies, such as the connected devices associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), mean demand will continue to outpace the available supply of skilled workers.

If you are interested in entering this particular field, look for opportunities to learn the preferred programming language, R, and take the time to familiarize yourself with Cassandra databases.

Data Visualization

Data analytics provides valuable insights that businesses use to determine strategy and forward their objectives. However, the traditional outputs aren’t always easy for those less familiar form factors to understand. Data visualization takes the information and presents it in a highly visual format, making the information easier to communicate to others interested in the insights. Learning techniques focused on data modeling can be a key to finding employment where data visualization is an important part of the role.

Mobile Development

Smartphones and tablets play a part in the lives of most consumers and business people, making mobile development a hot sector for those with the right skills. Cross-platform development skills coupled with user experience design create a strong foundation, and an understanding of agile production methods can help further your career goals even faster.

User Interface

Users have higher standards for the interfaces they encounter when using apps, programs and websites than ever before. This led to the creation of a specialty designed to handle some of the aesthetic requirements as well as strong technical know-how. UI specialists have skills in front-end web development as well as graphic design. Additionally, they need to be prepared to communicate with a variety of professionals and end-users to ensure all the requirements are met and the final product meets expectation.

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