We all know that pay matters when it comes to employee retention, but there is more to the equation than just money. With competition for top IT talent growing, companies have to put forth additional effort to keep their best and brightest for the long term. While it is critical you offer a competitive salary you should also consider adding these in-demand perks to make sure your tech professionals are happy to stay where they are.

Want to Keep Your Top IT Talent in 2017? Give Them More Than a Bigger Paycheck


Flexible Scheduling and Alternate Work Environments

IT professionals, especially millennials, crave work-life balance. An easy way to accommodate these desires is through flexible scheduling and allowing for alternate work environments. Expecting employees to maintain a strict 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, may not appeal to professionals who have other options. Especially if that requirement also includes driving to the office, sitting at a specific desk and staying put for almost the entire time.

The work of tech professionals often lends itself well to offering alternatives. For example, many tasks can be accomplished remotely, allowing employees to work from home or at a satellite location. Additionally, certain tasks are not time-sensitive, making it irrelevant whether they are completed at 10:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m.

By acknowledging that certain positions can offer flexibility, you can appeal to a wider range of candidates that are looking for more than a paycheck.

Acknowledgment, Recognition and Praise

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Whether you choose to hold regular employee recognition events or take the time to praise workers individually for a job well done, neglecting to show that you value their efforts and expertise can leave them wanting.

Showing appreciation does not have to be a large, expensive affair. By making an effort on a regular basis, you can make multiple, smaller gestures that add up. Ensuring that those working for your organization feel their accomplishments are valued by the company at large can help keep them engaged, resulting in a higher level of productivity and greater retention. That makes this a win-win that almost anyone can get behind.

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

Benefits packages are often designed by senior leadership. This means the priorities of younger workers may not be well represented in comparison to older ones. While certain basics, like medical insurance, are on everyone’s lists, others are not.

One option for appealing to younger professionals is providing educational benefits. Many professionals are shouldering the weight of large student loans, which can be a substantial financial burden. Providing ways to lessen that burden can help draw positive attention to your company.

Other options, such as day care and fitness center availability, can also increase interest in staying with your organization, but may be out of the reach of small businesses. In those cases, look for local providers with whom you can form a partnership. You may be able to meet more of the daily needs of your employees at a reasonable price while also helping a local business thrive, which is an arrangement that will be appreciated all around.

Career Development and Goal Setting

Supporting career development and long-term goal setting also provide value to employees. Whether you ensure access to additional training opportunities, create educational subsidies or design a mentorship program, helping employees move forward towards their goals increases the likelihood of longevity among your most talented IT professionals. Not only will you gain a higher caliber employee, but you can also foster a sense of loyalty among those you have helped rise through the ranks.

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