Anyone with ERP experience can create a plan to manage a project that does right, but what about those times when the plan goes off the rails? Whether it is a victim of never-ending scope creep, fluctuating budgets or expenses, a loss of a key employee, or another unexpected event, demonstrating that you have the skills to get everything back on target can make you stand out as an ERP job candidate.

But possessing skills in this area isn’t as obvious as those required to handle a traditional project. To help you become the go-to candidate for those less expected situations, here are some tips.

Training and Education

One of the easiest ways to acquire new skills is through formal training and educational opportunities. While some larger project management courses may touch on recovery skills, it isn’t always covered in-depth. If you truly want to stand out in the arena of project recovery, then dedicate time and attention to learning how to manage these challenging situations. Then, once the course is complete, you have a specific item on your resume that can speak directly about these skills.

Shine a Light on Prior Experience

If you have managed an ERP project that faced scope changes, scheduling conflicts, or budgetary issues, then you can showcase your skills through that experience. If a position requires a cover letter, then touch on the topic within the document, or include the information as an accomplishment on your resume, especially if you can quantify the result.

Otherwise, prepare to speak about the experience during the interview process. Managing a project that required significant recovery efforts makes an ideal anecdote for discussing a previous workplace challenge you faced (and overcame) or a moment on-the-job that was a significant accomplishment. Begin with how the project began to get off track, including the root cause of the issue, how the situation evolved, and how recovery was achieved.

If you don’t have an example of an ERP project that entered full recovery, you have likely experienced some of the conditions along the way. For example, speak about a time where scope creep became troublesome and how it was managed, or a time when everything seemed on target except for the budget. Being able to demonstrate individual skills in key recovery areas, even if they are across multiple projects, can help show that you have the capabilities to get things moving back in the right direction regardless of the obstacle.

Showcasing your project recovery skills often has to do with reframing previous experiences for what they truly were: mini-recoveries. By looking at your career with that in mind, you may find that you have more experience than you originally thought.

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