Accepting a position as a remote IT worker means making an extra effort to stay organized. Not only will you need to select a delivery mechanism for your deliverables, you will need to arrange your time appropriately and communicate effectively.

Creating a remote work environment that helps you accomplish these tasks with ease can require additional software options outside of those provided by your company. If you are creating a remote work environment from scratch, consider these programs to help get you started.


5 Apps to Help with Organization as a Remote IT Worker



DropBox gives you a central location for all of your important documents and files. The information can be accessed from any device, allowing you to transition work between a desktop, laptop or mobile device on the fly. The ability to share DropBox files and folders allows you to give access to anyone on your team who may need it. Edits in shared folders are seen in real-time for smooth collaboration across multiple file types.

Since the files are saved through the integrated cloud storage system. That means, no matter what happens to your devices, your files are safely stored elsewhere. Take the stress out of setting up a new computer or changing between mobile and desktop computing without having to worry about moving your files between each device.


Slack is an instant messenger that brings a variety of features to help you stay organized. Not only can you direct-message individual supervisors or co-workers, you can also create channels with multiple members for more open discussions.

The channels can give project teams a place to communicate and share files of any type. Comments can be added to shared files, important pieces can be starred for easier reference at a later time and all of the information is searchable. When combined with DropBox document links, the information is not only searchable but it automatically syncs with the latest changes.


If you need to keep up-to-date on the latest industry news, Feedly was meant for you. Instead of having to search multiple publications or hope that search engines give you the results you need, you can set up Feedly to monitor for pertinent information automatically.

You aren’t restricted to only traditional publications either. Newspapers, magazines, blogs, YouTube channels and any other internet-ready source can be included. You can also organize your feeds into separate collections, helping keep information separated based on your parameters while keeping it all together in a single app.


Moosti makes time tracking simple on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. The timer allows you to allocate time to focusing on a chosen project before receiving a notification that it is time for a break. This can help you divide your workday into manageable chunks or dedicate a specific amount of time to one area before changing to another. For times when you have multiple projects, Moosti can provide a way to assign your time in a responsible manner. You won’t have to worry about a task taking all of your time, as you can shift gears when the alert appears.


For those times when you want to see the people you work with, HipChat provides group video chatting options designed with businesses in mind. You can add screen sharing to help your team review information, making it ideal for project meetings or weekly check-ins. The chat setup is faster than some other options on the market, meaning you won’t have to waste more time on setup than you spend in the meeting.

Looking for More?

There are some other great apps available to help remote employees make the most of the time and keep them feeling connected to their co-workers. If you are looking for your next remote IT worker position, contact Validity Solutions today and work with a leader in IT recruitment in Orlando.

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