Unless you have reached the top rung on your career ladder (and sometimes even if you have), you likely have career goals you would like to meet. And while keeping these in mind to help guide your efforts is important, have you considered the value in sharing these goals with your manager? By being open to discussing these items with your manager, you create an opportunity to have an ally during your journey and may be able to get a formal plan in place to help you succeed.

But, this isn’t a conversation that can simply happen randomly. Instead, it requires a bit of planning. To help you make sure you are discussing your career goals in the best manner possible, here are some tips for organizing the conversation.

Get on the Schedule

Often, a discussion about career goals is quite involved, so it is unlikely your manager can simply have this conversation if you choose to check in randomly. Instead, schedule an actual meeting with your manager, and include in on your calendars. If you can’t make that happen from your end, then send your boss an email requesting an appointment. That way you have a defined amount of time available and your intent for the discussion is clear from the beginning.

Prepare Properly

To get the most value out of the scheduled time, you need to know what you want to discuss. Consider where you would like to be in your career in 12 months as well as a longer window, such as three to five years. Then, review what skills you have to offer now that can help make that a reality as well as any areas that require further development. Review this information with your manager during the meeting, and solicit feedback regarding anything you may have missed.

Work on a Formal Plan

Once your manager understands where you want to go, they can help you develop a plan to make that a reality. This could include taking on new tasks or projects or gaining access to training or education. Also, include regular feedback meetings to help review your performance and see if things are on track. However, not every follow-up meeting needs to be formal. You may find that weekly check-ins over email are helpful for staying on target and that quarterly formal meetings are great for hashing out a more detailed assessment.

After the Meeting

Now is when the real work begins. This can include drafting a formal document outlining the plan as discussed, as well as acting on any items that require advanced scheduling or specific coordination. Ideally, you want to have the formal plan approved by your manager in an official sense. Additionally, if it can be added to your employee file or included in your next formal performance review that is also beneficial.

Then, all you need to do is execute and follow up as scheduled. Before you know it, you could be on target to the career of which you’ve always dreamed.

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