What Can You Do to Maintain a Productive and Private Co-Working Environment?

The age of the open-concept office is upon us. Dedicated co-working spaces dominate where semi-private cubicles once stood, and the idea is only gaining momentum. Often, these environments promote greater collaboration amongst team members while giving individuals the opportunity to […]
ERP job candidate

Showcase Your Project Recovery Skills to Become a Unique ERP Job Candidate

Anyone with ERP experience can create a plan to manage a project that does right, but what about those times when the plan goes off the rails? Whether it is a victim of never-ending scope creep, fluctuating budgets or expenses, […]
software-defined data centers

Is a Software-Defined Data Center Right for Your Company?

The idea of the data center is changing for many businesses. As costs associated with infrastructure consume a significant portion of many company budgets, software-defined data centers (SDDCs) have become more appealing. But deciding if that path is right for […]

How Can Deep Learning Make You a Top Big Data Candidate?

Big data has become a mainstay in technical lexicon across most industries. The ability to analyze information from a multitude of sources in various formats has opened the door for advanced analytics and information discovery. But, at its core, big […]